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Business start up support

Do you have a business idea? Unsure of where to go from here?


We can assist you in finding the best legal structure for your business idea, develop a business plan for you and support you in meeting your regulatory reporting compliance.


 For every business start-up, the right information is imperative in ensuring you make informed choices. We can support you in devising a business plan which will act as a guide for your business and will determine the actions you need to get your business started.


A simple straight forward start-up plan will be combination of:


  • The legal structure of your business
  • Your business mission statement
  • Product/service you will be selling
  • The key factors to your success
  • An analysis of the market


A financial plan which will include:

  • Cashflow forecast
  • Break even analysis
  • Budget


The above is a simple plan which will help you determine whether it is financially viable to proceed with your business idea. This will take into consideration, many factors such as:


  • The location of the business
  • Your competitors
  • Start up costs


Business and Accounting Processes


  • Selecting the most appropriate bookkeeping and accounting system
  • Setting up a dedicated internet bank account
  • Recording use of home as office
  • Using electronic diaries and to-do-lists
  • Record keeping, reducing paperwork and electronic document storage
  • Back-ups
  • Using social media
  • Using networking